Re[2]: [cc65] glitch in "assert.h" ?

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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-09-19 01:10:34

Hello Ullrich,

>> while brosing throug a couple of standard references (bzw can you
>> suggest some decent url? ;=P too much outdated and/or unconfirmed
>> stuff around it seems ;=P) i noticed the following....
>> "Note that assert must expand to a void expression, so the more
>> obvious if-statement does not suffice as a definition of
>> assert."

UvB> Admittedly, it took some time, but it is fixed now:-)

UvB> I've added another change that allows the ?: operator to take two arguments of
UvB> type void (which was not possible before).

very cool.... i've used that feature in a couple of my own macros,
would be great if those would work like intended ;=)

UvB> More seriously: No. cc65 is not smart enough to distinguish between
UvB> intentional and non intentional cases where the result of an expression is
UvB> constant. Even gcc gets this wrong sometimes...

uh? say what? could you show a construct that is problematic even in
gcc? (3.1 fixed loads of that kinda things btw ;=P)

Best regards,

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