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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-07-17 01:02:29

Hello Ullrich,

Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 12:44:19 AM, you wrote:

UvB> What if two align commands may not be combined because they are contrary to
UvB> each other like this:

UvB> module1.s:
UvB> --------------------
UvB> Label1: .align  2
UvB>         .byte   0
UvB> --------------------

UvB> module2.s:
UvB> --------------------
UvB> Label2: .align  2
UvB>         .byte   0
UvB> --------------------

UvB> If both are bound together by the linker, either Label1 or Label2 is on an odd
UvB> address if the assembler does not insert any alignment bytes. Assuming that
UvB> the program starts at an even address does not help does, and moving the code
UvB> at runtime does not help either.

if starts on even adress:

label1:   .byte 0
          .byte fill
label2:   .byte 0

if starts on odd adress:

          .byte fill
label1:   .byte 0
          .byte fill
label2:   .byte 0

>> Maybe I missed the point of the problem, or left out some thoughts.

UvB> It is not really a problem, I was just hoping that groepaz complaint about
UvB> .align meant that he had a better solution than the current one. It is of
UvB> course possible to use .align if the program itself starts at an address
UvB> aligned to align-value, and the linker will even warn you if this condition is
UvB> not satisfied. However, code on the C64 starts at $801, so the prerequisites
UvB> for using .align are not there.

well sorry, i still dont get it :=P from my understanding, when i
write .align <something> somewhere in my code, the linker should be
able to put the symbol at a properly aligned adress (no matter where
the binary starts, that argument is funny really :=P as if you couldnt
calculate offsets from an odd adress :=)). it is ofcoz another
question how the linker solves that task, but its for sure no real
problem to implement. gcc's linker does it by simply inserting
padding-bytes for eg (and keeps wasted memory low by certain options
for sorting symbols). however in a 6510 environment there wont be to
many cases where you'd use .align in a way like that anyway, so wasted
memory shouldnt be much of an issue. much less than occasional bugs
caused by wrong alignment atleast ;=P

and however, the original cause for my complaint is a _classic_ case
where you'd use the .align feature of an assembler. really, if its not
useable for this (or only under limitations) its not quite useful at
all IMHO.

Best regards,

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