Re: [cc65] raw disk access (was: cr/lf translation?)

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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-07-12 18:41:23

>>>>> "g" == groepaz  <> writes:

g> yeah i got sth like this, but its currently somewhat messed up ;=P
g> (i'll upload all my stuff in a few days or sth though) ... mmmh
g> prolly raw sector read/write even works in the last oldish snapshot
g> of mine (check the ftp)

OK, managed to compile the .lib and I can call fs_dosreadsector after
fs_Init, fs_Mount, and fs_getdisk. However it crashes horribly at the
next printf. What do I need to do here? And can I/do I need to close
everything after opening?

PS: fs_doswritesector is missing, but it looks like it'd be simple
    enough to implement. What's the ETA on your next version?

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