[cc65] Remote display for the C64 using VNC

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From: Adam Dunkels (adam_at_sics.se)
Date: 2002-06-27 14:05:20


I just wanted to let you know that a VNC server that can be run on the C64 now 
is avaliable. It is called uVNC and runs on an unexpanded C64 with the TFE 
Ethernet cartridge (although it might work equally well with a serial link 
and SLIP).

VNC is a remote display system which makes it possible to view the "desktop" 
of one computer as a window on another computer over the network. Viewers 
exist for a large number of platforms.

For more information, visit the uVNC web page at:


Of course, there is also an on-line demo avaliable:


For more information about VNC, go to the VNC homepage:


Adam Dunkels <adam_at_sics.se>

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