[cc65] [IDE64] DUART RS-232 CC65 driver for C64

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From: josef.soucek_at_ct.cz
Date: 2002-06-14 16:41:38

I have created cc65 driver for DUART RS-232 card.
The driver is based on swiftlink module (by Craig Bruce and Ullrich von
Bassewitz) which is currently present in CC65 distribution.

The DUART driver was tested with uIP TCP/IP application and can work up
to 115200 bps on C64. The highest speed is allowed because of the 3 bytes
receive hardware FIFO. (Swiftlink driver can go up to 57600)

Download the source of the driver

DUART is dual port RS-232 card based on MC68C681 compatible chip and was
created by IDE64 development team as an peripheral device for IDE64 hard
disk controller card.
More information including the schematics

Best regards,
 Josef Soucek


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