[cc65] possible bug?

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From: groepaz (groepaz_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2002-02-23 16:25:23

ok i _think_ this is a bug connected to assignment operator and/or
casting.... automatic sign-extension broken?!

; asm routine:

signedsin:  .byte $80,...

            lda signedsin,x
            ; func returns "char" so we silently forget about
            ; putting 0 to X....

// c-code:
signed char SINUS(signed char a);

void main(){
signed char a;
int b;
            printf("%04x\n",a);    // prints "0080", ok
            printf("%04x\n",b);    // prints "0080", error
                                   // should be "ff80"


in other words, if a (asm-) function that is declared "signed char" is
called and the value casted to an int, shouldnt the COMPILER generate
necessary code to do the required sign-extension? (it works ok ofcoz
if i add that myself to the asm routine, but i really dont like the
idea to cram code here and there that in most cases isnt used anyway)

Best regards,
 groepaz                            mailto:groepaz_at_gmx.net

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