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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-22 10:41:52

Hello Greg,

GK> I use these mappings:

GK> -----------------------
GK> _      0x5f    0xa4
GK> `      0x60    0xad
GK> {      0x7b    0xb3
GK> |      0x7c    0xdd
GK> }      0x7d    0xab
GK> ~      0x7e    0xb7

GK> The first one is thinner than Groepaz's choice; the last one is thicker.
GK> The second one looks like a giant version of that ASCII accent-grave.
GK> The third and fifth ones look like "pinched" braces.
GK> The fourth one is the same as Groepaz's character,
GK> but it is the "official" PETSCII value.

mmmh are there "unofficial" values (or did i fall on the trap of the
charset-"bug" again? :D)

however, are your values useable for LOWERcase petscii aswell? that
was the major problem i had to come up with some useable ones actually
(in uppercase there are more "perfect" representations)

Best regards,

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