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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-14 16:54:45

Hello Ullrich,

Thursday, February 14, 2002, 4:37:46 PM, you wrote:

UvB> I've removed read.s from the C64 Makefile, so it exists but is not included in
UvB> the C64 library. The reason is that it does not behave like it should, so
UvB> people complained and I thought that it would be better to have no read() at
UvB> all, than a read() that doesn't work correctly.

mmmmmh bummer ;( never had a problem with that one (actually using it
in some of my programs aswell.... args) what'd be the most convinient
way to add it back to get those tests compile aswell? for now i hacked
some little wrapper-functions for getchar() (which is the only
function in those tests that needs read()) so its getting input from
keyboard...... would be cool to be able to make the thing work without
such "internal" modifications though....

>> - i remember it was mentioned on the list before.....couldnt find it
>> in the docs either ;/ i'd like the compiler to do ascii=>petscii
>> conversion for strings/character constants.... how?

UvB> If you use the "-t platform" option, the compiler will do character set
UvB> translation.

oh i am doing that! however, would it also translate those weird chars
(underscore etc) aswell? (and is there a prog to verify that
charset-conversion is actually working ok? if not, i could come up
with one i guess ;D)

UvB> The compiler comes with the "sieve" benchmark in the samples directory. It is
UvB> of course written in a way that favours cc65. I hope this is legal :-)

hehe well.... rewriting some parts of dhrystone for example explicitly
is _NOT_ legal, all measuring loops and most of the glue-code must
stay as is to get a result that is compareable to others... gotta find
some other smaller ones :o)

oh btw.... before i forget it, i stumbled about some weird behaviour
of printf() yesterday evening...... in one of the tests is a statemnt

printf("blabla: <some whitespace/spaces here> %d\n",bla);

and the compiler seems to ignore the whitespace! (as in, it doesnt
print spaces where it should!)

maybe thats also related to not-so-well-working charset translation?

Best regards,

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