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From: groepaz (groepaz_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2002-02-14 16:22:22

hyho ppl....

ok, i am almost finished with converting that testsuite to cc65 but
afterall i got some little probs and thus those dumbass questions :o)

- i get a "undefined reference to _read" on some of the tests,
although i am using c64 as a target (there was a "hacked" read available
no?) ... any idea how to fix that? i know that prob is mentioned in
one of those docfiles, but i just couldnt find it ;/ (more up2date
docs needed maybe? ;D)

- i remember it was mentioned on the list before.....couldnt find it
in the docs either ;/ i'd like the compiler to do ascii=>petscii
conversion for strings/character constants.... how? (some test use the
underscore in output for eg, which translates to the left-arrow
here....also small letters translate to uppercase etc, kindof looks
fuckedup sometimes :o))

- just to make sure i got this right, the compiler DOES support
struct-assignment, but passing structs to functions and/or returning
them does NOT work - right?

- does anyone recall any small benchmarks (written in C and with
source ofcoz) which would be nice to have? i tried to compile the
dhrystone test but that one seems to allocate to much memory so that
cc65 can't handle it ;( (and appearently you cant split the test into
several files either) ... i'd like to add atleast one or two of those
"standard" benchmarks...would be fun to compare the results to other
machines/compilers :o)

Best regards,
 groepaz                            mailto:groepaz_at_gmx.net

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