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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-13 10:54:44

Hello MagerValp,

Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 12:00:08 AM, you wrote:

M> Writing a 6502 emulator is actually fairly simple (as long as you
M> don't need decimal mode, undocumented opcodes, or cycle exact beha-
M> viour) but why reinvent the wheel?

yeah, but its a HELL of work and a pain to debug :=P

M> Well, I'm not arguing either way really, but there are good cores
M> to use out there. Oh, I forgot about another one erlier, the one by
M> Marat Fayzullin, which is free for nonprofit use. Check it out at

marats was the one i am planning to use, abused this one before in our
little psx demo "the roots" for a sid-player :o)

Best regards,

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