Re: Re[2]: [cc65] library header bug correction - and some compiler hazzle

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From: Mike McCarty (
Date: 2002-02-12 18:42:23

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, groepaz wrote:

> Hello Ullrich,


> UvB>   2. Make it very limited. Just cover the features not covered in enough depth
> UvB>      by the existing emulators. While such a 6502 emulator would be useful for
> UvB>      many things that are difficult with the current machine specific
> UvB>      emulators, there is no sense in duplicating code and effort. "Limited"
> UvB>      would also mean no support for illegal opcodes, time synchronisation or
> UvB>      other fancy stuff.
> yes ofcoz, i am not willing to spend any time on a vic or sid or
> whatever machine-specific emulation either..... i thought just about
> taking an existing cpu-core (marat f.'s used to be nice) and throwing
> the necessary ram/rom stuff around it. actually, we did this some time
> ago for driving a simple sid-emulator on the psx....prolly i can just
> take that code and recompile (dont remember how many psx-specific
> hacks are in there though)

It might be easy to provide hooks for actual accesses, with default
routines or macros which simply do writes/reads to memory. Then the
emulator could be written to be fast and simple when doing non-specific
emulation, but one could customize it for any given machine by
providing replacement routines for the default write and read routines.
Then anyone who wanted to do a specific machine port could write just a
couple of interface routines, which would check for special addresses,
and if a special one was encountered then call out to other special
routines to emulate serial I/O or screen display or whatever.

I think just a little thought would result in a tool which by default
would be very fast, yet easily customizable.


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