Re[4]: [cc65] library header bug correction - and some compiler hazzle

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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-12 13:20:37

Hello Christian,

CG> I don't know. For which host would you need it?

dos/winblows....look the other post :o)

CG> I did a quick test with the following program (hh.c):

CG> ------------
CG> #include <stdio.h>

CG> int main(void)
CG> {
CG>         char b[20];
CG>         int v;

CG>         gets(b);
CG>         v = atoi(b);
CG>         printf("hallo welt (%X)\n", v);
CG> }
CG> ------------

CG> Running it:

CG> ------------
CG> [panther:~/atari]$ echo 123 | ~/tmp/Atari800/atari800/src/atari800 -run 2> /dev/null
CG> hallo welt (7B)

CG> [panther:~/atari]$ 
CG> ------------

CG> It can get input from stdin and writes output to stdout. The "READY"
CG> comes from the builtin basic which apparently gets chained to after
CG> the run program exits.

very cool.... exactly what would be needed for automatically running
the testsuite....... compiler bashing here we come hahahaha ,=D

Best regards,

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