[cc65] library header bug correction - and some compiler hazzle

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From: groepaz (groepaz_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2002-02-12 00:08:52

hy ppl!

i found the time to sit down on my cc65 related stuff again and while
i was writing some other little example proggy (good old "fire"
effect) i noticed a little error in the _sid.h headerfile....
corrected version listed below.

another thing is, that i kindof got sick of hunting down errors in my
code which turn out to be compiler bugs/limitations on the long run
(no offence ullrich, other than that i *love* the cc65 package!) and
so i started porting the testsuite that comes with the lcc
compiler.... a whole bunch is done+compiles already, only thing left
are a few bigger tests which i'll split into smaller programs so they
can run on a 64k system. (among these tests also being the
"cq.c";"c-reference manual" which performs a LOT of testing on
commonly used crap and also rarely used nasty stuff)....

however, i also thought about knocking up a very very simple
c64-emulator-alike-thing which would be basically a cpu-core plus
memory emulation (just ram/rom, no i/o) so it can run programs that
dont depend on the hardware (like the testsuite). i/o could be done via simple
kernal traps ($ffd2 etc) so that in the end we'll end up with a tool
that can actually run the testsuite in a 6510-environment on the pc,
and REDIRECT OUTPUT TO A FILE :o) wouldnt THAT be very useful to
automize testing? hehe :) just gimme some weeks, it shouldnt be to
hard to do anyway.....

other than that, i am also busy cleaning up (make work with current
version of the compiler :D) and preparing a second snapshot, including
a new useable floating-point library (for c64, may be easily ported to
other cbm-machines though) and a bunch of new little programs ("fire"
effect, "radial mapping" effect, the "meteor" game that comes with
that Quetzal*** (or whatever, that name is sick ;D) compiler for the
vic-20 and some more i dont remember atm ;o))

Best regards,
 groepaz                            mailto:groepaz_at_gmx.net

/* Define a structure with the sid register offsets */
struct __sid_voice {
    unsigned            freq;           /* Frequency */
    unsigned            pw;             /* Pulse width */
    unsigned char       ctrl;           /* Control register */
    unsigned char       ad;             /* Attack/decay */
    unsigned char       sr;             /* Sustain/release */
struct __sid {
    struct __sid_voice  v1;             /* 0x00-0x06 Voice 1 */
    struct __sid_voice  v2;             /* 0x07-0x0d Voice 2 */
    struct __sid_voice  v3;             /* 0x0e-0x14 Voice 3 */
    unsigned            flt_freq;       /* 0x15-0x16 Filter frequency */
    unsigned char       flt_ctrl;       /* 0x17      Filter control register */
    unsigned char       amp;            /* 0x18      Amplitude */
    unsigned char       ad1;            /* 0x19      A/D converter 1 */
    unsigned char       ad2;            /* 0x1a      A/D converter 2 <= missing in 2.7.1 release */
    unsigned char       noise;          /* 0x1b      Noise generator */
    unsigned char       read3;          /* 0x1c      Value of voice 3 */

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