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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-05 15:54:17

Hello Marko,

Tuesday, February 05, 2002, 3:45:01 PM, you wrote:

MM> On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, groepaz wrote:

>> naaaaa, most cart games i have taken apart do NOT use the cartspace as
>> kindof "romdisc"

MM> Which era cartridges are you talking about?

errr...honestly dont remember :=P i messed around with that stuff like
10 years ago or sth :o)

MM> Anyway, if I were to stuff
MM> hundreds of kilobytes of code to a C64 cartridge, I wouldn't do it with
MM> simple bank-switching; instead, I'd adapt PuCrunch and decompress the
MM> "files" from the cartridge to RAM as needed.

yesyesyes.... from todays viewpoint, 100% right..... but back in time,
the one reason for making a cart-game was copy-protection... and
nothing is easier to crack than a cartridge thats already using its
own clean rom-filesystem :o)

oh and the bankswitching usually wasn't "simple" either :=P it wouldnt
have taken over 15years for certain games to be cracked (made a
disc-version of) if it had been all that easy :o)

MM> As a matter of fact, that's
MM> what I did with the VIC-20 RAM/ROM cartridge (32k/2M) I'm working on.  
MM> The software is finished, but the hardware is not.

wow vic-20 stuff :=P we all knew you were crazy ;=DDD

/me want vic-20 for some democoding *G*

>> ofcoz for porting a floppy based game to cart, you could do it this
>> way (never seen it done though)

MM> Have you seen the newer 256k or 512k ROM cartridges?  I've heard rumours
MM> that they'd use such approach.  I haven't disassembled any of those, so I
MM> can't say for sure.

well yeah, i have... and those didnt quite use a filesystem :o) they
DID use eg packed files on the cart, but NOT organized/layouted like a

i know for a fact though that a bunch of GBC carts use that
approach.... thats a different story though ;=P

Best regards,

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