Re[2]: [cc65] C64 kernal routines

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From: groepaz (
Date: 2001-09-06 21:44:21

Hello Michal,

Thursday, September 06, 2001, 6:02:33 PM, you wrote:

>> ehrm... WHICH library calls do you mean? all (text-)screen output and
>> keyboard-input is wrapped into the stdc-lib among other stuff..... and
>> for the file-stuff, i am one of those to blame for it not beeing
>> finished ,=)
MB> So I blame you :)

MB> I would like to have something like c64_library (remember amiga.lib?) with
MB> calls to all kernel routines, device selection, file opening, those stuff...
MB> read/write...

mmh well.... i think there is such a header-file (for kernal_open
kernal_in kernal_out kernal_close etc alike stuff) written by UZ in
the disk-io routines written by someone else on this list i dont
remember atm ,=) (speak up ppl ;D)

besides that, i dont think there is any support for that kinda

well, and last not least i am working on wrapping all those kernal
calls into standard-ansi-c functions (open/read/write/close etc pp)
and yes, i will also provide such a lowlevel header to access the
kernal... i cant make any promises on when i will have the time to
sort out the current version and do a first release though, i hope i
can do it within the next weeks (or even months ;/) but i can only
work occasionaly at it since my sparetime is rare.

i'd definetly suggest to checkout that header from UZ (although i have
never seen it myself hehe) instead of writing anything yourself....

Best regards,

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