Re: [cc65] Probleme mit File-IO ( die 2te )

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From: udo klasmeier (
Date: 2001-08-25 21:49:04

> No it doesn't work for the first storing! How the heck do you do test
> runs? Take a look at the drive LED - it stays on. You don't close the
> file after writing to it. You are opening the file with the logical
> file number A_FNW but at the end you call cbm_close() with A_FNR.

Hi MArk,

I don't have any c64 hardware, i'm only using vice under LINUX.

But You are right that mixing of FileNrs must be the problem.
i am going to repair that immediately.

Thanks so much for help.

This little application is for a handicapted young man (down syndrom)
whom i promissed to write a little programm so that he can use his
c64 "more seriously". he said he does not always want to play.
I have finished it already in basic. But now "it took me" i want to do it in
C aswell. Its a real pleasure.

regards Udo.

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