Re[2]: [cc65] Probleme mit File-IO ( die 2te )

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From: groepaz (
Date: 2001-08-24 21:42:06

Hello Marc,

MBR> I haven't found an easy way to check this just on the computer side,
MBR> you have to read the error channel to get this error. That's the next 
MBR> item on my TODO list but I was very lazy when it comes to working on 
MBR> that functions.

mmmh.... i guess i _really_ need to put my current version of file i/o
functions somewhere.... i still consider them beeing far away from
beeing finished, but it seems that they are already grown way further
than the current implementation (for eg there is more or less good
working error checking at the most important places already)

may i ask if the current implemenation is done 100% in assembler or
not? just wondering.... (mine is all C except the lowlevel kernal-i/o
"driver" until i consider the implementation finished so i can convert
it to assembler)

i could easily put that stuff somewhere on the web (free homepage crap
or sth) but i'd really prefer a decent ftp solution.... throw
urls/ips/passwords/logins in my direction ;=)

Best regards,

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