Re: [cc65] Source code library for programs written for cc65?

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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-08-19 03:56:27

>Anyone else have any projects or code you would like to share so some 
>of us newbies can learn the proper syntax for cc65? :) "Bring out your
>Bring out your Code!"

Here is a small prog from a fellow newbie done with cc65...
This was my first ever attempt to write any kind of a complete
program both in C and for the C64. It's small and a bit crude,
but seems to work ok. It might even win you a few $$$'s. :)
Download the file, rename it if you need to, then load it
in you C64 or emulator  with load"filename",8,1 and 
run it. If you find it interesting enough, just let me know and
I'll send the code to who ever would like to see it. 
The source code is about 23k with decent documentation.
The prog was ment to be small, fast and just a little bit interesting.
I had more plans for it and thought to even burn it to a cart
for fun. It would fit in a 16k with some room to spare.
But I have been too busy with other work.
Interestingly, main() is only about 16 lines of code, but
the prog does much more that main() would suggest.



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