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From: Keates, Mark (
Date: 2001-08-03 10:50:04

> "al" is a VICE command.
> > Could the assembler flag any
> > address that is loaded or stored to such that the label file
> > could either only list labels or use a different symbol
> > for constants?
> I wouldn't distinguish this by the use of a symbol, but by 
> it's declaration.

I think you misunderstdod me, I meant a symbol in the label file,
not in the assembler source.
e.g. 'al' = add label, 'ac' could be add constant.
(I personally would ignore constants within an emulator)

As a matter of thought, what happens with structures,
e.g. __vic.spr0_x, or .res blocks? I feel the label file
should hold the size of a variable such that the offset 
can be given in the debugger. This would be true for self-
modifying code (slap my wrist for mentioning it!)

	LDY #<my_routine
	LDX #>my_routine
	STY launch+1
	STX launch+2
launch: (assume address = $0900)

in the debugger, if the label file said:

al 000900 launch

then the debugger view of the code would be:

	STY $0901
	STX $0902


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