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From: Keates, Mark (
Date: 2001-08-03 10:11:10


> > 
> > Surely the fact the address < $100 identifies this?
> > I think it can be left to the emulator import process
> > to work this out.
> Umm. You have a symbol. It's value is $20. But it's only use is as a
> constant, as an ASCII character. It is not an address. Note that $20 <
> $100, but the $20 is *not* a zero page address.
Appologies, I hadn't noticed that info in a label file before 
as I wasn't using the -g option. What does the 'al' mean before
the address in the label file? Could the assembler flag any 
address that is loaded or stored to such that the label file
could either only list labels or use a different symbol
for constants?


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