[cc65] steaxpidx (was Re: Multi-line macro bug)

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From: Adam Dunkels (adam_at_sics.se)
Date: 2001-06-25 01:24:42

On Sunday 24 June 2001 17:45, you wrote:

> It's a bug, thanks for the report! Here is the patch:

Thanks, now it works like a charm! 

Here's another: Linking fails with the message "Unresolved external 
`steaxspidx' referenced in:" (and a list of .o-files). It seems as if the 
file "steaxpi.s" isn't even linked with the runtime library. The fix is easy: 
just add the file "steaxpi.o" to the file libsrc/runtime/Makefile.

Adam Dunkels <adam_at_sics.se>
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