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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-03-05 05:29:24

>don't like that idea. I will remove the read() function from the 
>makefile, so you will get a linker error for future releases when
>trying to use 

That would definitly be a stopper. Maybe I am one of the
greenest newbies to try and use CC65. Originally reading
the faqs and fixes, I didn't fully understand all the info.
Now that I've spent several weeks at it, they make much
more sence. "Duhhhh" comes to mind. If there are any
more very green C users, you might want to make an
addition to the conio FAQ secion that will be obvious to newbies.
A note that cgetc and cputc should be used for keyboard input,
and scanf, read and most any function f????() will not help
them :) I spent many extra days figuring this all out mainly
because the newbie teaching books push things like scanf and
fgets and either don't mention cgetc or leave it in an obscure
reference appendix. Using CC65 is the first I've learned of them
after working from 4 of what are supposed to be some of the
best books out. Then again I may be the only nit-wit trying to
learn C on a C64 :)
I think I mentioned I started out on a pc and the amiga,
but the libs and OS were too overwhelming for a beginner.
The C64 architecture I remembered well, so I though it
a better place to begin. So far I think it was a very good
decision with the help of VICE and CC65.
It won't be long now before I move to linux.

>	    cputc (C);

I sent my last message before I received this one or
I would have used  cputc from your example.

printf("%d", atoi(temp)); 

is easily replaced with cputc().

>I'm glad to hear that, and I'm happy about all suggestions, even if 
>I'm not able or willing to honour them:-)

Unless there is a check attached I don't blame you a bit :)


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