Re: [cc65] scanf ?

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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-02-23 04:42:33

>> Does the linker link in unused library functions?
>No, of course not. So you will only get the additional code if you use 

I think the message I got from the linker was "undefined function"
and it wouldn't compile. I checked the libs and switched to getchar.
I havn't  found that printf adds much to my compiled code.
In one my first sample programs (about 1.75k of code text) the
compiled program was barley 3k. I'm still working with that
first program, adding features and functions including printf
andgetchar. The code text has grown to  5.7k  of code text while
the executable is 5.8k. Would scanf immediatly add 8k to the
compiled executable?


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