[cc65] Atari kermit sources for ca65

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From: Christian Groessler (cpg_at_aladdin.de)
Date: 2001-02-08 02:42:47

Hi all Atarians,

I've modified the kermit65 sources to be assemble-able by ca65.

The original sources are a port from the AppleII/C64 version by

The generated COM files aren't bit-equal to the versions on the net
since the original binaries seem to have been compiled by a Atari
specific assembler.

Specifically, this assembler seems to generate many EXE file load
chunks to skip uninitialized data arrays in the source file.
(Atari EXE files can consist of collections of binary blocks loaded
at arbitrary addresses, specified in the EXE file.)

But the resulting executable seems to work. I've tested terminal
emulation and file transfer.

You can find my modified ca65 sources on

BTW, if anyone knows with which assembler the original binaries were
compiled, please tell me. I wasn't able to locate the assembler which
was used back then...


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