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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-01-24 16:44:33

>>>>> "UvB" == Ullrich von Bassewitz <> writes:

MM> Definitely (and I'm using Lynx 2.8.3rel.1; Babelfish didn't push
MM> any cookies or Javascript):

UvB> I don't know what it is, but when I enter the URL on the start
UvB> page and press the "Translate" button, all I get is the same page
UvB> again with all fields cleared. No error message.

UvB> Some sites have started to evaluate the "Referer" header to fight
UvB> deep linking from other sites. My proxy clears this header, so
UvB> may be this is causing the problems.

It works fine with junkbuster, so I don't think it's the Referer. I
just tried with Javascript and cookies disabled and with junkbuster
active, and it still works.

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