Re: [cc65] Question about ca65 object files

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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2000-06-26 18:21:31

On 06/26/2000 03:23:25 PM GMT Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
>I don't want to promise it, because it was just meant as debug output.
>However, the probability that the object format changes is a lot higher,
>that this format changes. In fact, I have a few extensions in mind that
>require a change of the object file format. So, while it's not a perfect
>solution to use this output, it is better than accessing the internals of
>object files directly.
>A perfect solution would be a utility to dump the internals of the object
>files in a fixed format that is maintained together with the other parts
>the development system, but we have to live with what we have:-)

How about a library to access the object files? Then if the object
format changes, simply relink with the new lib (or make it a shared
lib) and the app understands the objects again.

Just a suggestion....


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