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From: Mark Keates (markk_at_dendrite.co.uk)
Date: 2000-06-23 15:51:13

Although not using cc65 itself for this one,
(just the excellent Assembler and Linker)
I'll soon be beginning to put together the
long overdue 'Elite' for the Atari 8-bits
(reverse engineered from the C64). 
I'm hoping to complete this by the time my
wife gives birth next February!

Aside from that I've played with a couple of
music players (International Karate &
Draconus) and would like to translate
the 'Speedball' tunes to the Atari too.
Related to that, I might use cc65 to
write a 16/32 bar Graphical music tracker 
(like the one on Winamp) to incorporate
into the mentioned players.

What else would I like to see?
How about a 'C' version of the 
exchange game in Paradroid?


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