Re: [cc65] cc65 2.5 beta (update)

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From: Martin Ancher Holm _at_ Work (_at_)
Date: 2000-06-23 09:42:41

> Yes, that would be nice. On the other side:
> I have not seen a single C64 application
> available to the public that was written
> with cc65 (besides my own). It seems that
> especially CBM people are very conservative
> when it comes to development tools. So don't
> hold your breath while waiting for new GEOS
> apps.

I like your compiler very much, as I'm not a assembler-guro. One thing I miss in cc65 is a library that support file-access. In the version I've downloaded I see some functions defined in the include-files (.h), but they aren't in the library.

Have anyone made some functions for file-access (maybe some beta)? I think my experience with assembler is not so experienced, so I could make a file-library.

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