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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz_at_musoftware.de)
Date: 2000-06-22 15:45:22

My TODO list for version 2.5 of the compiler is finally empty! There are still
a few things left (an extension for the assembler, and two problems with
library routines), but I think it's time to enter beta phase.

If you are working with the compiler, and if you are able to translate the
source package yourself, I would like to request that you give the beta
version a try and report any problems you may experience.

Here is a (probably incomplete) list of changes for the new release:

  * Completely rewritten symbol table handling for the compiler. This gives a
    few benefits now (see below) and hopefully many more in the future, since
    the new code is easier to maintain and to extend. Having the new symbol
    table handling means that some restrictions are gone: Structs may now have
    the same names as other symbols. Variables in inner blocks may now have
    the same names as in outer blocks, and the same is true for labels. The
    new code will also emit warnings for a few more suspicious constructs.

  * A lot of code cleanups in other places of the compiler sources. -T should
    now be usable without fear of generating wrong code.

  * Several other compiler features: Support for signed characters,
    experimental support for 65C02 code generation, improved code in some
    situations (don't expect too much - there is no chance for real
    improvements as long as the old parser is in place).

  * A whole bunch of new features for the assembler. Listing support, search
    file path, several new pseudo OPs to allow easier transition from other
    assemblers, new token handling functions to write more powerful macros,
    unnamed labels and much more...

  * The linker is now able to generate an import map.

  * Long option support, several new options for the tools.

  * The code should now be 64 bit clean (thanks to Christian Groessler!).

  * A lot more code is now shared between the tools. This simplifies
    maintenance and should result in less bugs.

  * Support for the Atari 8 bits thanks to Christian Groessler, Mark Keates
    and Freddy Offenga! The Atari machines are the first machines to have
    actual file support, something which is still lacking for the CBMs.

  * The GEOS library from Maciej Witkowiak is now included. This means that
    you can write GEOS programs with cc65.

  * New directory structure for the source package. The binaries will now
    build with one "make" invocation.

  * All bugs from the "known bugs" page (and several more) are fixed.

  * Added the FreeBSD patch (ha!).

There are also a two limitations for this version, none of them should be too

  * The compiler generates non working programs for sources that contain gotos
    that jump into or out of an inner block that declares local variables that
    live on the stack (class "auto" if -Cl not given). If you don't understand
    that, don't care:-)

  * Register variables are gone for now. The compiler options and the register
    keyword are still accepted, so your sources should compile without

The beta code is available as cc65-sources-beta-2.5-01.tar.gz from the
musoftware ftp server. I do appreciate comments and feedback.



P.S.: Im currently in the process of upgrading my permanent internet
      connection. This may lead to temporary problems in the next few
      weeks. So if you have problems accessing the ftp or web server,
      just wait some time and try again.
Ullrich von Bassewitz                                  uz_at_musoftware.de

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