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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz_at_musoftware.de)
Date: 2000-06-04 18:34:16

I have redesigned the cc65 web pages. Most of the informational content hasn't
changed, but the use of more graphics will hopefully give the pages a more
"modern look". I have proofread the pages with lynx to make sure they are
still usable with a text browser.

The total size of the main page (including the graphics) is now ~160K, so the
page will load slower than before. In fact, I'm somewhat worried about the
load times and would be glad if I could get some feedback from other people.

There are some ways to make the images smaller, for example using jpeg instead
of png will give 10-30% smaller images at the expense of some loss of quality.
Your feedback will help me with this decision.

Thanks a lot in advance!



P.S.: While working with GIMP, I've also created the usual "Developed with cc65"
      icon (every open source project has such a thing, and now, cc65 has it as
      well:-). It is available as


      (it is *not* linked from the page itself).

Ullrich von Bassewitz                                  uz_at_musoftware.de
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